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                                                Animal Rescue Posters
Free super size posters to copy and print or paste it on your website. Scroll down below until you find it. It is for individuals and organzations who supports the animal rescuers and shelters around the world.  
 Here are the other works in jewelry and three dimensional as functional object, wall piece and free standing shown below.  All handmade and created by the Artist Christopher Shellhammer.



Below: Images of how the jewelry were made in step by step in my studio. Clients were referred to me to develop a design for their business, personal or gift shown below.

         14k white gold ring with diamond channel set.                                                                                      Silver pin model. 


Here are the free five super size posters to download for your own personal use or your organization for the purpose of supporting the animal rescuers and shelters around the world.

Portrait Painting of Dogs, click here: