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Page 3 Anatomy Nude Model               

Wisdom from the Artist: 

  Before the invention of clothing, if a caveman from 2 million years ago came back and saw what we were wearing today. He may find this humorous, comical and laugh at us, the same way our society in general population giggle and laugh at our beautiful nudity in shame that was created by Supreme Being or Natural Force.

  Clothing was originally invented for warmth and not for shame as covering Supreme Being's creation. We were born nude and we will exist in nude either in body or spirit, clothing is only an option for in between because of the society today.

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It may be closed at times due this is for the mostly mild mature audience. Request a password either from the front page or on this website if you feel comfortable in entering it. Thank you for the understanding.

             The moment in the breeze. Watercolor, (sold).                                                                Figure on sofa chair. Oil on canvas, (sold). 

Bathers on the dock. Watercolor, (sold).                                                                               Follow the golden field. Watercolor, (sold). 

Reading by the sunset. Oil on canvas, (sold).                                                                               Lady by the window, 9 x 12 in. Watercolor.
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Here is the watercolor painting demonstration video of a nude female anatomy that I created for you to learn or add the style to your work in the way I paint.