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                               The logo and the website was created and designed by Christopher Shellhammer.

Page 2 Clipart 
Welcome to clipart and logo page for your own personal and commercial use for FREE on this website created by the artist Christopher Shellhammer. No strings attach and no royalty fee to pay, yes that's right, it's free!  Politely, if you can, refer it back to as credit by adding next to the image in your website or any format and that's it but if you can't, don't worry about it.

Instruction: Click on any images and it will take you to my sister website then save as copy to your file. You can add your name or crop and resize any way you like it, enjoy this great benefit while it last. More will be added to this list of clipart and logo, so come back every month or so to see what is new below.  Reminder: It will change or end without notice. 

Most of the ready made files/images below are in jpg. or jpeg. format which is free. 
Upon request for all other files as in photoshop, png. (Portable network graphics) and so on are extra charge.  Thank you for visiting here!

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FREE Clipart Below:


Watch this video and see how you can place your name or company name on this clip art or logo of your choice.
Click the link here for mobile users: For personal computer see below.


More Free Download Below:
Bookmarkers or bracelets: Click each images to get larger image. 
You can download it, print it out then cut it out.


Wrapping papers below: Click each images to get larger image.
You can download it, print it out and then wrap your gift.
Instruction: Print it on 8.5 x 11 in. or A4 size regular or plain paper to save money on color ink. If you print it on any photo paper, it will be hard to wrap your gift due to thickness of the paper.



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 Prints & Artworks, click here: